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10x People Product Suite

10x People, a neutral third party helps carriers evolve their existing systems with their modern telecommunications solutions. 10x People's numbering software solutions allow for the provisioning of customers on your network promptly and precisely whilst utilizing a modular design.

10x People's Product Suite consists of the following:

  1. nVentory
  2. xPort
  3. nPort
  4. nView

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nVentory is an inventory system to manage telephone numbers and other resources to meet your business needs and industry requirements.

nVentory number management capabilities include:
  • Resource Management
  • Real-time Assignment
  • Industry Numbering Gateways
  • Number Utilization and Forecast Reporting
  • Auditing




xPort is a Local Service Management System (LSMS) that allows customers to gain control of port-corrected number routing data within a business environment, by receiving LNP data broadcasts from the NPAC. Service providers use this LNP data for routing calls, verifying carrier-of-record, billing reconciliation, pre-port services and other business activities.

Just like nPort, xPort receives information from the NPAC via XML and translates this information to the LSMS via a REST/JSON API. xPort allows customers to receive real-time ported number information from NPAC for all regions.

Lastly, xPort makes owning an LSMS affordable since it can interface with NPAC directly.

Services used by xPort


nPort is a modern Service Order Administration (SOA) system that allows telecom service providers to port telephone numbers in accordance with Local Number Portability (LNP).

nPort acts as a provisioning system between the Canadian NPAC and a telecom service provider's numbering assignment system. Utilizing a REST/JSON API, nPort integrates seamlessly into any system.

NPAC XML delegation avoids the “rip and replace” of a legacy SOA, by allowing an XML SOA, like nPort, to use the NPAC’s Grantor-Delegate functionality and stand up alongside a legacy SOA to offload transaction such as internal company porting, internal company network migrations, or other types of bulk porting.


nView is a powerful tool that allows customers to view NPAC and TN related data. This data source allows querying to all 8 NPAC regions and with frequent NANP and Pooling Admin refreshing, data is always up to date.

With an expanding list of premium features, nView can accomplish bulk data querying, access to Canadian and US data, viewing of TN history, code and block querying and much more.

10x offers flat rate pricing with no overages. Further, with unlimited users and unlimited data queries, nView stands alone in the industry. View historical LNP data without any data limits.

For more information, please view 10x People's webpage regarding nView and much more.



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